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how did you order from nana's? more specifically, what did you click on & how did you select your fabrics? I'm glad you got 2 - let me know how they work!

Also, what other brands do you have? What are your thoughts?

Where did you get your cloth wipes, wet bags, pail liners, & other CD supplies? Please be as specific as possible b/c I'm so new to this stuff I'm easily confused. :)

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  • I just ordered from the custom small AIO's button. After I ordered, they sent me an e-mail that directed me to a page where I could enter my address and comments....but the shipping still said $0, so I e-mailed her and asked how much shipping would be and let her know what fabrics/colors I wanted. I guess I'll just pay through Paypal after she e-mails me back with the total including shipping!

    I only have 3 kinds right now- my Kissluvs (0's- the newborn size) that I got through a rental program, 2 BumGenius 2.0's (they are one size pockets), which each came with an insert, and 4 Small Swaddlebees AIO's that I got on Diaperpin used. I really like the Kissaluvs (they are fitteds), but they are supposed to be best for really small babies, so I don't think I'll get them again after she outgrows the 0's and I send them back.

    I like the Swaddlebees AIOs b/c they are really trim and easy, I like the KL fitteds b/c they hold a lot of pee/poop and have cute covers :), and I like the BG pockets b/c they hold a lot of pee/poop and are very soft and squishy.

    I have 3 types of covers that I use with them, a Thirsties, a Bummis and 2 Proraps. I love the Thirsties cover, I like the Bummis cover but it is getting too small, and the Prorap covers are just ok...but they are cheap. I also just ordered two pairs of wool longies to use over the fitteds.

    The AIO's are best for DH. He is not detail oriented, so I've already explained how to put on the fitteds/covers and stuff the pockets like 5 times and he still asks me how to do it everytime (and it's not hard, lol). So I usually just tell him to put an AIO on. The only thing you need to remember with the fitteds is to make sure all parts of it (remember to check the back) are covered by the cover, or it will get his clothes wet. I really love all three types for different reasons, so I think I'll have quite the variety of CDs.

    Cloth wipes- I have Swaddlebees wipes (I'm pretty sure alchris passed some around- they are terrycloth on one side and velour on the other), and I LOVE them. 

    Wet bag- Just got my first wet bag, but I think I'll order a Leslie's boutique bag next- I liked Mikey's better than mine b/c it has a handle and a piece of cloth inside for essential oil.

    Pail liner- Love this. I'm going to order another one, but it's perfect with our Simple Human trash can. No odor at all! Until I made the decision to definitely CD though, I think just using a pillowcase or whatever would be fine.

    Wipes solution: I dissolve one bit in about 1.5 cups of hot water, and keep it in a little bowl with a lid on her changing table. I like dipping the cloth into the solution rather than spraying it, although I am going to get a mini spray bottle for my diaper bag. Also, I got these for free by signing up for Jillan's Drawer's e-mail list.

    Detergent: I currently use Charlie's Soap for all of our laundry, which I buy at Earth Fare. It's really cheap and I love it. I also just ordered a sample of Crunchy Clean for our diapers, b/c I've heard it smells amazing.

    I think that's it! I really haven't disliked anything that I've bought so far. The only leaks I've had have been user error. Maddie doesn't mind having a wet diaper and isn't prone to diaper rash, so I only change her every other time she wakes up, and I've only had a leak once (it was an AIO and it had been on for 6 hours- way too long!). Now if I think she's going to take a long nap I make sure she's in a fitted or pocket. Oh, and if you do need to use diaper cream, make sure it's one of the approved ones so it doesn't make your diapers repel. I got some Aveeno at Target just in case I need it.

    HTH! Ask me to clarify if I've said anything confusing :). It is overwhelming with all the choices at first, but I am already so much more comfortable with them.

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  • Do you get the 40% off when you order from Nana's that way?


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  • No, the 40% off is only for stuff she already has made, and she didn't have any Small AIOs, so I just ordered them at the regular price (which is still pretty good!).
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    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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  • Thank you so much for such detailed info...glad to hear all of this!

    You've done a wonderful job explaining, but if I think of anything else I'll definitely ask. Thanks again!

  • Shipping is already included in the price -- no extra shipping from Nana's Bottoms. :)

    Everything above is exactly right!!! :)

    (You just may want to double-check the Charlie's -- a lot of babies get a bad reaction from it but not all by any means, and it deosn't have the same disinfecting qualities as other detergents.  But it's local which is cool!)

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