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High Risk or Perinatologist in Morgantown

Anyone have a good recomnedation for a high risk ob in the morgantown area? I just lost my son due to an incompetant cervix at 16 weeks and 6 days. We know that we want to try again but I want to make sure I do everything possible to have a healthy, full term pregnancy when the time is right, and I am not sure my current doctor is the right one for me in this situation. Thanks in advance.

Re: High Risk or Perinatologist in Morgantown

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. 

    The only doctor I've seen in Morgantown is the WVU Center for Reproductive Medicine with Dr Shon Rowan & Dr Toffle. I was there for infertility diagnosis and testing and the entire office is wonderful. They specialize in many things so I'm not sure but maybe you could give them a call and they can't help you they may recommend someone they work with since they have quite a range of cases. They were so kind and understanding with our struggle.Their office number is 304-598-3100.

    A friend of mine uses Dr Khachan in Cumberland. He specializes in high risk.

    My first appt is today with Dr Wolford and if we don't "jive" I'm gonna give Dr Khachan a call, as my first 2 were high risk due to preterm labor and I lived in another state when they were born and had an amazing doctor that treated me so well so I guess I have high standards, lol.

    Hope this helps.

    Again I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that you will have a happy and healthy nine months when you feel the time is right to try again..




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