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new to board... dr recs?

Hi Ladies, I'm new to this board, but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for high risk/infertility doctors either downtown or in the south/southwest suburbs.

Im currently TTC after an ectopic and miscarraige. AF has been absent, and I have a history of PCOS. My current OB is not doing much other than waiting to see if/when AF will show, and I would just like to get another opinion on what could be going on. Really appreciate any recs. TIA!


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Re: new to board... dr recs?

  • Hi hon-

    I'm very sorry about your m/c. Many girls go to FCI. They are downtown and in the suburbs. I'm west of the city, so you probably don't want my Re.

    Good luck

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  • FCI is awesome!! Definitely recommend... and they have a few locations. Dr. Sipe was my doctor. He is great!!
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  • I went to Dr. Wood-Molo at Rush. She is very good (excellent, in fact, my DH's PCP went to her for help when he and his wife were having issues TTC and that is where we got the recommendation) at what she does.
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