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Childcare for infants in The Woodlands

Any suggestions for childcare for a 3 month old in The Woodlands?  I'm not familiar withe the reputations of the various daycares in that area.

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Re: Childcare for infants in The Woodlands

  • Before I found the in home sitter that I use (she's full or I'd give you her name), my two favorites were Primrose on 242 ($$) and First Baptist Church on Grogan's Mill (not as $$)
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  • When I lived there I had DD at The Children's Courtyard from 6 weeks - 2 years old.  Loved them for infant care, notsomuch for 18 months and up. (Keep in mind this was 6 years ago).

    Moved her to The Kangaroo Forest from age 2 until we moved to Beaumont when she was 4.  No infant care experience there, but loved them for when we were there.

    ETA: it was The Children's Courtyard in Alden Bridge

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  • My neighbor who's a working mom swears by the Primrose in Sterling Ridge.  For older children I've heard great things about Interfaith. 


  • We use First Baptist on Grogan's Mill.  Previously we used The Climbing Tree on Research Forest, behind Christ Church United Methodist.
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  • We use the Climbing Tree as well. No complaints yet!
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