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At what point did you stop using a diaper bag?

As we were getting Evan's bag ready for school this morning I realized that maybe his diaper bag isn't the best bag to use now. We don't really need of the extra compartments. They have his diapers at school, so we only send his food, milk, a change of clothes, and his stuffed animal for naps.

On weekends we take diapers with us, but not much else.

Just curious when you all stopped using the diaper bag and moved onto another kind of bag. Oh, and what kind of bag did you switch to?

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Re: At what point did you stop using a diaper bag?

  • Around a year.  I just use a big purse with a purse organizer in it with diapers, wipes, paci, etc so I can quickly switch bags.  I usually also have her water and a snack cup in there.  I keep her toys in another little bag in the car and I just take a few out at a time.  I leave extra diapers and wipes and a change of clothes and some extra snacks in the car but I realized I really don't need to take all of it with me everywhere I go.
  • A little after he turned 1. He never went to school, so I switched when I stopped needing more than a sippy cup and some diapers.

    We bought him something similar to this backpack. It's the perfect size for him to carry if he needs/wants to, fits plenty of diapers, a pack of wipes and some cars or books. 

    ETA: We got him the Fairfax small backpack and matching lunch box that can clip on the front of the backpack. They don't seem to have plain colors anymore, only mostly hideous patterns. But it's a great, high quality pack and it's the perfect size for what we use it for. 

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  • We stopped using the diaper bag when we didn't feel the need to take all his stuff with us,diapers, bottles, etc; probably as pp said around a year. I have since switched to a bagpack ( ) it has just enough space inthe main compartment for DS things--a diaper or 2,wipes, butt paste,a brush and snacks. The outside zipper part I put my calender and cards/$, the "snap" part I keep all my keys and store discounts cards,the one side pocket is for my phone and the other I keep my lip moisturizer. I really like using a backpack because then I'm hands free and not fussing with it falling off my shoulder or leaving it lay when I'm with Ds.
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  • My son will be 2 here soon and we use the "laptop" looking diaper bag still. We keep it in the car though. When I take him to the sitters I bring a duffle bag full of clothes, diapers, wipes, and toys. We keep it stocked up for the week and keep cups and eating utensils at the sitters house.
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