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WWYD: Potty Training?

DD tends to poop around the same time each day, before her morning nap. ?The past three days, she has come up to me an announced it by telling me "poo poo." ?I haven't done anything about it, she goes and hides in her corner, does her business, then I take her up for a nap and change her. ?Part of me thinks she is telling me because she doesn't want to do it in her diaper and the other part thinks she just likes saying "poo poo", but then again she doesn't say poo poo anytime else.?

I am thinking of taking her to her toilet when she tells me and start to see if she will go there, but I am just so hesitant because she is so young, I don't want it to be scary or frustrating for her, but at the same time, if she is ready so am I!

She has peed in the potty before and she didn't really like it.

I guess I will just give it a go and see how it goes and let her dictate the pace and if she doesn't like it, let it go for a few months and try again.

Any advice??

Re: WWYD: Potty Training?

  • I think letting her try it to see how it goes sounds like a good plan. That would be amazing if she started potty training so young! But also sad, no more fun diapers to buy Stick out tongue.
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  • I would definitely take her to the potty.  I think she's telling you that she needs to poop, and that's awesome!  She may not like it, but it's worth a try.  And the more you try, the more used to it she'll get.

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  • Grady is a bit older than K but we have had the potty out for him to explore for some time now. From what I understand talking to other moms pooing is much harder than potting on the toilet for some reason. With that being said, I would try it and see what her reaction is but I would not push it by any means. I have  friend who potty trained her little girl around 18 months so it can be done esp if they are showing signs like K is.
  • I think I would give it a shot for sure. Wose case--she's not ready and won't do it. My cousin started out sitting her on the potty in her diaper to get her used to it. She would actually poop in her diaper, while sitting on the potty. It was funny. Pretty soon she took off the diaper and saw what happened. Worth a shot! Good luck!
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  • I think the norm is if she knows she's going to poo and she tells you then she's ready for potty training.  Also, if she goes to a certain spot to poo she's ready.  She's showing all the signs.  The only one that I think is lacking is waking up with a dry diaper.  But, if you can train her to want to poo on the potty, then go for it.  You could make it fun to poo, give her a little toy or a cookie when she poos.
  • We also read a book (or ten) while we sit on the potty. Trying to get him to relax and potty haha!
  • I would definitely try it. It "sounds" like she might be ready for pooing on the potty at least. She still might take a while for tinkling. YAY for small steps (or big steps)!
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  • What if you took her and put her on the potty with her diaper still on?  So when she tells you she has to go, take her to the potty and let her sit on it with her diaper still on.  Like taking the baby steps approach to toilet training.  Maybe start her pooping in the bathroom, then pooping with her diaper on, on the potty, then pooping without her diaper.

    Girls evidently are much easier to train.  Boys...Well, not so much.

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