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Do you feed your babysitters?

We have been using a neighborhood girl for babysitting, and tomorrow night will be using a coworker's son for the first time. We usually have babysitters come around 6:00, so I feel like I should feed them dinner, but we can barely get dinner organized for ourselves, let alone someone else! The best I could probably do is order a pizza or something, particularly since I don't know what these kids eat (or don't eat). I think the girl we've been using generally either eats before or brings something from home, which makes me feel bad.

Do you feed your babysitters?


Re: Do you feed your babysitters?

  • The one time we had a babysitter come before dinner time, we gave her a frozen pizza.  That way she could eat with DS, or eat after she put him down for the night.

  • Yes, we do.  I usually cook something, but if I don't have time we leave them money and several menus for places that deliver.
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  • Yep, and if we get short on time and don't have anything quick/frozen we offer to order pizza.
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  • Leave the number for pizza delivery on the counter alongside a $20 bill.
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  • I make something quick and easy for her to eat with the kids. I think last time I did BBQ chicken (chicken breasts covered in BBQ sauce) in the crock pot, baked potatoes and a some frozen vegetables that steam in the bag.  My regular sitter is 24 so I think I feel like I need to feed her real food since she's an adult.  I remember being left with mac and cheese or frozen pizza as a high schooler and didn't mind at all. My kids are old enough that they would want take-out also if I was getting it for the sitter. 
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