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Recommend your naturopath

I'd prefer one on the Eastside, but I'm willing to drive if you know of someone who is really good.

Re: Recommend your naturopath

  • I used to see Trina Seligman at Evergreen Integrative Medicine.  It is in Bellevue near Overlake.  I mainly saw her for hormone/cycle issues.  Haven't really had a need to go back since baby was born is the only reason I haven't been in a while.


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  • For myself during normal times, I see Leslie Meyers at Mosaic Natural Health in North Seattle. For midwifery (and for LO since she is also a naturopathic pedi) I see Christina Gutierrez at Seattle Healing Arts (her personal practice is Ground Floor Natural Health). 



    Both women are amazing and I have never found any fault in their care. It's a definite trek from the Eastside, but either (or both) are worth the trip. 

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    My good friend swears by this clinic in Carnation.  She drives out from Woodinville just to see them [not crazy far, but not super convenient either!]

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  • I see Dr. Deborah Myers (NP) in Bellevue.  It's by the Microsoft Campus... so it's right at the line of Redmond/Bellevue.  I love her, she does therapeutic prenatal massages for my aches and pains.

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