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Baby Jogger City Select

Hi, I thought I would ask this board a question even though I have never posted here.

Does anyone have the Baby Jogger City Select and use it as a jogger? If so, do you like it as a jogger. I am getting ready to have #2 and we need a double jogger, I like the city select but am really curious about how good of an actual jogging/running stroller it is since I cant find jogging reviews of it online.

Any feedback appreciated! 

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Re: Baby Jogger City Select

  • I have the mini and love it.  I just looked at their website, the select is under strollers and they have a another category called joggers w/ other strollers under it, so I'd assume the select isn't designed to be a jogger
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  • It doesn't look like it is meant to be a jogging stroller. The front wheels don't have the option to lock in place, only swivel, so I would definitely not try running with it.
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  • To PP:

    See thats kind of what I thought as well, it does not look like your typical jogging stroller. BUT I guess then name threw me off:)  Maybe thats why I cant find any reviews online on the city select as a jogger!! Darnit:(. I really like that stroller, but a running stroller is a must. Thanks for your help.

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  • Check out You can compare the various brands and models of joggers and read a number of user reviews.
  • I love our CS but it is not designed as a jogger. It is just the brand name. FWIW, the front wheels do lock straight. I suppose if you had perfect pavement that you were running on, then you could use it, but I would look for a "jogging" stroller.
  • Baby Jogger is just the name of the company.  The City Select is NOT a running stroller.

     From the company website:

    Q. Can I use the City Series line to run with?
    A. The City Series line of strollers is not intended for jogging or running purposes. The City Series is a line of agile urban and all-terrain strollers that provide optimum versatility for every day use.

  • I have it. The front wheels do lock and I have jogged 3 mi with it and it was fine. That's only holding 1 baby tho. 2 might be harder to push. But I definitely wouldn't buy it specifically for jogging. I bought mine b/c I like that it'll make a compact double stroller (with so many options) and that it can go for the occassional jog.
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