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Need help, please- DS is losing weight

DS had his 1 year WCC today.  While he went from 27.5 inches to 29 inches, his weight dropped.  He was last in the office in February for an RSV infection with secondary sinus infection and was weighed with his clothes on, but today was weighed without clothes and was just shy of 20lb.  At his 9 month WCC he was about 20 1/2lb. 

He has had a lot of respiratory infections and had tubes in his ears just after he turned 9 months so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.  He is also in daycare and while they tell me what he eats, they don't tell me how much.  I know he gets a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

He has no vomiting or diarrhea (he is constipated, actually) and he has no food allergies.

I need help and advise on what to do to put the weight back on.  His dr told me to keep him on formula a little longer, try PediaSure, and give him apple or prune juice more frequently.  I will give him eatra food in the morning and before bed in addition to the bottles and regular food.  He is going back in 3 weeks for a weight check.

I appreciate any feedback you may have.

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Re: Need help, please- DS is losing weight

  • DS lost weight between 9 months and a year, and didn't gain any by 15 months either. He grew a few inches though. I was really worried but there wasn't any obvious cause. Now he's gaining again and back to more appropriate height/weight ratios. It sounds like the illnesses won't have helped, but presumably he's also a lot more active now - hopefully he'll just catch up again - it seems to happen like that for some LOs.
  • This happened to DD when she went for her 9 month check up. I was breastfeeding and she didn't gain any (I was preggers and didn't know) anyway the Pedi told me to put her on formula. We went back 2 weeks later and she had gained about 3-4 pounds. Try the toddler formula or is that what you're already using. I hope that helps I know how you feel. Good Luck.

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  • DD lost a couple lbs between 9 months and 1 year.  Her doctor wasn't too concerned since she wasn't underweight.  She seems to go through growth spurts and then thin out a bit instead of gaining more consistently.
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  • If her pedi is not concerned then I would not worry about it too much.  LOs typically slim down when they start crawling and walking.  It does not help that your DS was sick.  

    DD only gained 1 lb from 9 months to 15 months.  Her pedi was only slightly concerned because she dropped from 50th percentile in weight to 25th (21 lbs) but she stays in the 95th-98th percentile for height.  She wants DD to gain a little weight so the percentiles are closer to each other.  DD's pedi suggested adding Carnation Instant Breakfast to DD's whole milk to add calories and nutrients to DD's diet.  DD loves it. 

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  • Think of foods high in healthy fats like avacado, whole milk yogurt, or adding olive oil to pasta.  Also, I find when my kids are constipated they won't eat well, so you might find getting the constipation fixed will help him eat more.
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  • my dd is underweight to begin with and while she has not been losing weight she has not gained at all since 9 mo. one thing her dr suggested, while she was still on formula, is adding an extra scoop to each bottle. so, for 8oz 5 scoops instead of 4. That way you increase the calories without increasing the volume. Now that shes on whole milk we add a little heavy cream to all of her bottles for the same reason.
  • Try not to worry too much. We add fats to things, olive oil to applesauce, butter on veggies and breads and cream in whole milk. My son is 20 lbs 4 oz at 15 months. I would read the Ellyn Satter book How to Get Your Kid to Eat, But Not Too Much. It is a great book about feeding and mealtimes and body types.
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  • DD didn't gain any weight from her 9month to 12 month appointment either.  If your pedi isn't worried I wouldn't be.  At this point they shouldn't be gaining a bunch anyways. 
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