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If you use/used mesh feeders

What did you put in them?  Looking for some ideas.  Thanks!

Re: If you use/used mesh feeders

  • We only used ours a few times.  And I think all we tried in there was bananas.  Although you can use any fruit that gets soft, or grapes without skins ..

    I hated how gross and what a PITA it was to clean them .. so I just started giving Hudson bigger chunks and watching him, he was pretty good at chewing right away.

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  • Mostly apples and then I got tired of them getting gross and buying new mesh things but they are great to have for an early teether like my kids who would get two and three teeth at a time starting at 6 months. Frozen grapes were good for that sometimes.

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  • I've put so many things in that lil' mesh feeder. Bananas, apples, steamed carrot chunks, chicken, pork tenderloin. They are really difficult to clean and that is a drawback, but I really loved that little thing.


  • Mostly apples.  Sometimes frozen grapes and bananas.  Did cucumber chunks a couple times.
  • I did frozen apple or other frozen fruit I had handy for teething. Also large ice cubes when he was sick, to keep him drinking something.  I would scrub ours well then just stick over a wire thing in the dishwasher.
  • We used it once or twice with frozen chamomile tea ice cubes for teething.
  • It was so gross the only thing we used it for was ice cubes.
  • They are great for teething, ice cubes and frozen bananas worked wonders for DS. He also likes to chew on different fruits, mango, apple, cantaloupe, etc.

  • Mangos, Pickles and frozen Breast Milk cubes were the most common things we put in there. I didn't have much problem cleaning them, but I don't remember why. Pickles stain it though, fyi.
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  • Maybe I'm missing something but ours never got gross.  I just screwed all the parts and put it in the dishwasher and voila.  Worked great!

    We did ice cubes and soft fruit in it.
  • Bananas, grapes, cukes were some popular ones.  And pickles went over huge - something in the dill / vinegar mix really helps soothe teething pain [try it if you ever have a toothache, seriously]. 
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  • Trader Joe's frozen pineapple chunks. They were a HUGE hit.
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  • Thanks, ladies.  I would have never thought of pickles!
  • The only thing I really use them for is ice for a teething baby.  Otherwise by the time I got around to putting solids in them, they could both eat the items without the mesh.

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