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Anyone take taxi's a lot?

What do you do about a car seat?  Since DS isn't in his infant bucket I don't know what to do when we visit the city for a few days.  Somehow lugging a big seat around and installing it each time we are in a taxi doesnt seem like its going to work?

Re: Anyone take taxi's a lot?

  • Check with the laws where you are going but many, if not most, states do not have car seat laws for taxis, so you don't have to use one. It depends on your comfort level.
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  • The easiest option is to just use public transportation. If you must use cabs, then I could never suggest NOT using a car seat. It may be perfectly legal not to use one, but that doesnt make it safe. Unless you'd be ok holding your LO on your lap driving around your own town, then you shouldnt do it anywhere else. It's not convenient to carry around a seat, but safety trumps convenience. Like I said, public transportation is the way to go. Most cities have buses which wont need a car seat because they're designed with compartmentalization for crashes and not the same as a passenger vehicle. Trains are also safe without car seats. I'd rather walk 20 blocks than take the risk of not having my LO properly secured in the car.

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