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2ww Question

This is my first 2WW since my d&c (even though we had bad timing) and I am wondering if you experience bloating in the 2WW?  I never have before, so I am just not sure if this is normal after a m/c?

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Re: 2ww Question

  • I had terrible bloating during the 2ww last cycle (following D&C for missed miscarriage)...but I haven't been eating as well as I normally do, so I chalked it up to that.
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  • Since my D&C I become EXTREMELY bloated in my 2ww. I was so bloated the last cycle, I actually had a hard time fitting into my pants... it was wonderful. I had always gotten bloated before AF and after the m/c, I just assume my body's lower ab muscles are looser (since I was almost out of the 1st tri by the time I m/c) so puff out a bit more now. My logic could be full of horse shi!t though... The point is after a m/c your body does weird things and there is an adjustment period for your body's new "normal."

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