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So close...

HCG is at 5 exactly.  The nurse called to tell me and she said the doctor was out until Monday so she had to wait until then to make sure that he says that 5 is negative since the "orders" were under 5.  She said she thinks that he will say that it's low enough and I can start the monthly checks of my level.

Anyone have a test that was 5 exactly?  Was 5 concidered negative for you?

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Re: So close...

  • I don't have any advice for you, but I hope your doctor considers that a negative.  GL!
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  • I had a test that turned out exactly 5. They made me go back a week later, it was negative that time. Hopefully you will be lucky and they will consider that negative. Hugs!!!!
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  • When my level hit 11, my doc said it was close enough and I didn't need to test any more.
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  • Yes and I had to re-test. So annoying. We had to be 0 to ttc again. I cried at 5. I was so annoyed. Another appointment, another lab bill, another bad memory.
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  • Good luck!!
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  • No advice for you. Just wanted to say I hope that's where the doctor was hoping it would be. GL

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