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Made IF consultation appointment today. SCARED!

I finally (after months of putting it off) called my OB/GYN and made an appt to talk about our infertility. We've been trying for so long, I stopped counting the months and cycles - it's been a total of several years, but on and off due to an injury my DH had and other factors.

My DH at one point did get tested and has a low volume of semenal fluid, but has a normal sperm count within the amount of fluid that comes out. Ew...TMI I know!

So he is making his appt to get checked again. Just to see if that's changed from before or if it was just a fluke that day and back to normal now.

So...I'm curious as to the first steps in this process and what MY appt will consist of. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks, it would be helpful to ease my mind a bit. Confused

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Re: Made IF consultation appointment today. SCARED!

  • Ive been going through my OB for infertility because he is the closest, an RE is 200 miles away, and my OB is very reasonably priced.  They have done day 3 testing(fsh, amh levels, etc.), HSG, SA on dh and given me clomid, femara, injectables and two IUI's so far.  Nothing ever showed up on any of the tests which is good, but at the same time didnt help us to find out what the issue is this time around.  Anyway, its nice to go to a doctor you are already familiar with.  It is hard to actually say, we've been trying for awhile and it isnt working.  But once you do, the weight will be lifted and you can be on your way to finding the culprit and a solution.  Good luck!!
  • Oh sweetie, that is a huge step.  Don't be scared.  The testing hopefully gives you some answers, so you can be on the fast track to a happy and healthy 9 months.  Keep us posted.  Good luck!
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