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Big boy bed

I'm really nervous about this. I thought Evan was ready - but every once in a while he gets into a funk where he'll wake up upset for like 2 minutes, toss and turn, stand up and then dive back down and fall back asleep. I think it is if he gets in an overtired phase or something.

I would just keep him in a crib indefinitely - BUT we are going on a weeklong vacation in July and he'll need to sleep in a double bed. I don't think he would fit in a pack-n-play anymore.

Do they make XL pack-n-plays?? :)


Re: Big boy bed

  • I'm with you, I wish I could keep Evan in his crib indefinitely! He is such a good sleeper/napper, and I'm afraid putting him in a bed w/ mess with it. Some nights he lays awake and talks/sings for a good hour before falling asleep... I can only imagine if he was in a bed he'd get out and want to play.

    Until he's able to climb out, he's staying in! 

    Good luck! 

  • Will he be in a separate room?  G slept on a hotel bed many times before he actually switched to a twin bed.  Does he weigh more than 30lbs?
  • Yeah - he weighs like 30 the weight limit on pack-n-plays? Didn't think to check that.

    He will be in a separate room. My SIL usually puts a tent on the bed and her son slept in the tent. Maybe we could try this in his own bed here and then just bring the tent up there. Ugh...I don't know.

    I also planned on keepng his crib set up in his room...just in case. We've always been pretty strict about bedtime stuff...very routine - and he has only ever slept or napped in his own bed for 99.99999999999% of his life.

  • The limit on our pnp is 30lbs, but you might want to check yours.  You could try something like this maybe?

    You may be surprised at how he does in a big boy bed.  We had about a week or so of bad naps, but from night one G's stayed in his bed.   

  • Can you take the mattress off the bed where you are going?  Or is there a pull out couch you can put the mattress on the floor?

    We did that, or DD slept between us.

  • I'd make the switch, and talk it up big-time to him. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well Ian transitioned to the toddler bed when we converted his crib. He did fall out a couple times (we put a really thick, like 4 inches, foam pad on the ground in front of it since his didn't come with a rail, but it didn't really bother him.

    I think he sleeps better now that he's in the full size bed. We have a rail, and he tends to sleep near it, but he has so much room to stretch out that I don't hear from him as much at night as we used to.

  • image JenJar:

    We have this same bed for when we go out of town. We love it.

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