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Horrible, horrible hair vent

Anyone else dealing with the new growth hair issue like me? After about a year of think, shiny, glorious hair, it all fell out a year ago. I spent last summer with the Courteney Cox circa 'Scream 2' bangs (hot, right?), and now, half of my hair is about half the length of the rest of my hair. It looks ridiculous. And I can't even pull it back in a ponytail without shellacking it because the new hair doesn't reach. It just flies around all willy nilly. Oh, and it's much curlier. So that's awesome too. 

I'm lucky that this has been the worst thing to deal with post-partum (well, except for thrush... never ever ever experienced worse pain in my life), but WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS ISSUE? There are all these posts on the early boards and in books and all over about "What I Wish I'd Known..." THIS, LADIES! THIS is what we should be telling other women.

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Re: Horrible, horrible hair vent

  • My postpartum hair is thin and brittle.  What hasn't fallen out breaks easily in the round brush.  I have to pull my one to two inch "bangs" in a tiny clip.  When i leave them down I look like I let a three year old wack of my bangs.  Here's to six months of bad hair days! 
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  • After 17 months, my "baby" hairs are just now starting to blend in more with the rest of my hair. I was sporting the horn look for many, many months though!
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  • I've got this patch of hair at my temples that sticks straight up.  Clearly I lost it and it's growing back and it looks seriously wonky.  Nothing I can do about it, but try to iron it down.
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