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Poll: do you cook separate meals?

I like to say that I don't/won't cook separate meals for the boys, but really I find that I do.  I don't want to get into the habit of doing this but my boys can be so picky.  It's either my dh and I eat hot dogs, pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets all the time or I make something we like to eat but then have to cook something else for the boys.  Justin is horrible about it.  It would be one thing if he AT LEAST tried some of the stuff I make, but he won't even look at it if it isn't what I listed above.  Maybe if I did stick to making just one meal he'd be so hungry after a few days that he'd finally try something...lol.  Or maybe not....he loves breakfast so that probably fills him up the whole day.
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Re: Poll: do you cook separate meals?

  • If it's just Ian and me for dinner, I sometimes do, depending on what I make for myself. Usually when it's all of us, I don't, unless it's Friday night and we're having pizza - he still refuses to eat it, so we will offer but give him something else.
  • Emm eats everything we eat for dinner. The only things she won't touch are green veggis, but we do different veggis all the time...so that works out. Luckily for now I guess!!!
  • Nope, never. Well, not never... DH and I like to have dinner just the two of us a couple times a week (usually Fri and/or Sat), so on those nights E will get a grilled cheese/hotdog/pasta and steamed veggies or leftovers and then I'll plan a nicer meal for us (steak, seafood) Or, if I want to make something spicy we have it then (Saturday night we are having red curry coconut shrimp and we like it spicy!)

    I always plan my meals to include something I think Evan will eat. Like tonight, we are having pork carnita tacos and spanish rice... I've never made them before, but he usually likes pork... if not, I know he'll eat a bit of rice and the avocado salsa I'm making to go w/ it. I might make his into a quesadilla, just because it's easier for him to eat (and adding cheese always helps!) If he eats some pork, fine... if not, I know he won't go to bed hungry.

    I will also make him a separate side dish sometimes... especially if DH and I are eating a side salad w/ our meal. I'll steam him up some veggies or give him a bowl of applesauce or yogurt instead.

  • Yep - I do most nights. Last night we had tacos...so I made a quesadilla out of the soft shells for E&L. So that was only a minor tweak.

    I actually try to alternate nights...like every other night, we'll have tacos, ziti, breakfast for dinner (either egg and cheesse sandwiches, banana pancakes or waffles, etc.) pizza...and then the other nights I'll make something for the kids and then have steak or chicken, veggies and rice...etc. for DH and I. Most of the time Leah will eat that...but usually I feed them before DH ets home and then start our dinner after he gets home or even after they go to bed.

    I fully plan on having a food intervention later on...as in, this is what is for dinner. and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. But they are too little for that now (IMO, anyway)


  • So far Stella mostly eats what we eat, but I'm not naive enough to say that that won't change in the future.
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  • I'd say 9 times out of 10, no. But I will also say that Rosie rarely eats a lot of dinner, and will only eat the dinner entree maybe half of the time. We usually give her what we're having, and then a piece of whole wheat bread or some fruit, and a lot of times that's all she'll eat. For example, yesterday we had chicken sausage, rice with sweet peppers and broccoli. She ate all her rice, a few pieces of broccoli and one sliver of red pepper. The night before we had beef stew, and we gave her that, a piece of bread and peaches. She only ate the bread and peaches. She eats huge and well balanced breakfasts and lunches, so I try not to sweat dinner. I try to mix in dinners that I know she'll eat, and if I make something spicy I'll make her a separate dinner.
  • Only if it's something spicy.  I see my now 14 year old brother and how he still eats separate meals and I refused to even start that habit.  It drives me crazy that we'll sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and he gets a frozen pizza or a hot dog.  We started a 'one bite' rule about a year ago and Gavin knows now that he has to take at least one bite before he may get down.  Sometimes it's like pulling teeth and he'll sit at the table for a good 45 minutes before finally taking that bite, but I've seen things that he refused to eat (aside from his one bite) now be some of his favorite foods just from the constant exposure.
  • Yes, and my DH gets annoyed.  The thing is, I didn't feel like a lot of foods were appropriate for the kids.  Like stringy green beans or salad or spicy foods. 

    I usually modify the food or make something completely diff.  By modify - if we are doing spicy pasta, I take out some of the pasta and just put marinara or butter on it.  

  • Not really, dd pretty much eats what we eat.  If I feel like she hasn't had enough to eat, I will offer some of her go-to's after the meal is done (veggies, cheese, banana), but don't actually cook another meal or anything.  It works out fine anyway bc I try to offer something she can eat herself anyway and that I way I can get clean-up done at the same time.
  • I *try* to get DD to eat what we eat, but she is such a picky eater. We usually end up giving her a few bites of what we have, and if she doesn't take them, we pull out her go-to items.
  • We are lucky...Evan will eat what we eat 95% of the time.  We do sometimes have some spicy things, and he likes them.  We will add more spice to ours as we like it super spicy.  
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  • B eats what we eat, 99% of the time.  Ty doesn't even eat dinner with us, but his issues are on a different level.
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