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Serious Mommy Fail

My usually great sleeper has been a wreck since Sunday.  I figure - ok - start of the 4 month wakeful period (a little early, but still).  Anyways - yesterday I picked him up from daycare and they said - he seems to have a lot of wax coming out of his ear - may want to keep an eye on it.  Well - this morning it was worse - sooo just got back from the doctor and he ruptured his eardrum.  I can only imagine how painful that is for him.  So we have eardrops and antibiotic for him.  Hopefully he's better than his sister with eardrops!  Ugh!  Please antibiotics - work quickly! 
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Re: Serious Mommy Fail

  • aww poor mommy and poor baby!! you didnt have any reason to believe it was that so dont beat yourself up. he's so little and its so hard to tell if they are just off or if something is bothering them because they are still in such a transitional sleep period/routine! hope he feels better soon and u all get some rest!
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  • Oh gosh, poor little guy!  I hope he feels better soon and back to better sleep!

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  • Not mommy fail but poor little guy.  How you would you have known?  Thank God you took him to the doctor.  hopefully he will start feeling better soon.
  • Poor baby!

    I know what you mean about mommy fail. The doctor found a double ear infection at her 4-month well visit two weeks ago. Today we go back for an ear check and she still has an infection in one ear. She really didn't show symptoms either time but hindsight makes me think she was giving tons of indications.

    Hope he feels better (and sleeps better) soon! 

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  • You didn't fail! And I know you feel bad but I've had two friends of mine who had that happen...if that makes you feel any better!
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