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How do you not laugh

when the toddler gets sent to time out (ie the corner) for being a booger & then crawls backward out of the corner thinking I can't see him.

Seriously the funniest thing ever.

Then tonight at my mom's he got sent to time out for playing with her blinds (which he has NEVER been allowed to touch)...well, he was sitting there pouting & then suddenly turns and smiles his big cheesy smile to my mom & waving like a fool. HILARIOUS.  We all cracked up laughing.

How can you keep a straight face for stuff like that?
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Re: How do you not laugh

  • I bite the inside of my lip and sometimes I even have to leave the room or at the least, turn my head. It is hard!!!
  • I always think about how I can't let him get away with things now because what things will he think he can get away with when he is a teenager and that typically sobers me up :)
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  • I have no idea, DH is way better about not laughing! But sometimes he even has to turn away. I never knew kids could be so hilarious!
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  • I sometimes have to leave the room or cover my face!  I'm way better at not laughing than DH but DS is so hilarious that even I crack on a regular basis.
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