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Does anyone do newspaper birth annoucements anymore?

I remember my parents having a copy of my annoucement.  Does anyone do this anymore?
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Re: Does anyone do newspaper birth annoucements anymore?

  • I don't think so. I think people get freaked out by the privacy issue and don't want psychos to come to your house and steal your baby. ;)
  • My mom does one for us but it's in E  Wa
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  • I did them for both the boys. It doens't have any info aside from that you had a boy or girl.  I have copies of them in the boys books.
  • We did one for our Lo; I wanted it as a keepsake for her babybook.
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  • My MIL lives in a small town in Eastern WA and she put one in the paper there for us. She named his parents and grandparents, and then bought copies for all of us. Everyone was really touched, and thought it was great!
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  • My husband is from a really small island in SE Alaska (Wrangell), so we had a wedding announcement and our niece had a birth announcement. We haven't really talked about it yet, but, even if we didn't write one up, I'm sure my MIL would. 

     They make a cute keepsake and, as far as privacy, not many people are reading physical newspapers anyway.  

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