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Sometimes I really want to strangle DH (NCDR)

DH called me today to tell me that I didn't put the new insurance card in the car so he got TWO tickets on his way to work, and then tells me that oh btw, I just got a speeding ticket.  First off, the insurance card is on his desk, where he put it about a month ago.  AND it turns out his "speeding" was going 30+ over the limit. 

He now has a mandatory court appearance and the new IL law states that 30mph+ over is a class B felony, which means most likely he'll lose his license for 6 months, and will have up to a $1500 fine and up to 6 months jail time.

I have a home daycare and we share a car.  He thinks that if he loses his license I'll be driving him 40minutes to work every day with all 3 kids, and during nap time none the less.  NOT happening, all 3 car seats don't even fit in the car if I wanted to.

Being pregnant is not helping the situation because all I can think about is I'll be in labor and have to call my mother to drive me to the hospital because my stupid husband lost his license!  

Alright, vent over!

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Re: Sometimes I really want to strangle DH (NCDR)

  • ugh. That's frustrating. I dread tickets and that whole process.. Hopefully it works out and he can get a lesser penalty? There is always public transportation (for him of course, not you)!

    I feel you on the pregnancy hormones and the "strangling" DH feeling. DH didn't pay a $3 toll and I found out now he owes $280 for that violation. It's ridiculous that he let it go on so long without contacting them or paying.  Ridiculous! We could have used that $277 for a lot of other things. Like fluff! (haha okay jk, I just wanted to make this light hearted).

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  • that bites.  I would hire a lawyer and see what you can do about getting the penalty lowered so that he won't lose his license.  And wtf was he doing driving 30 over?  I would read my DH the riot act for being so reckless.  
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    ...  Ridiculous! We could have used that $277 for a lot of other things. Like fluff! ...

    HAHAHAHAHA! I loved that.

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  • Wow!  30+ over?  If my boyfriend was caught doing that, he had better have a good explanation.  Actually, I am pretty sure there is no explanation for going that much over a speed limit.

    Hope it all works out for you!  What an inconvenience that would be.  I agree with talking to a lawyer or finding out if there is some other sort of punishment they can arrange.

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  • Men are real knuckleheads sometimes.  Angry
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    ...  Ridiculous! We could have used that $277 for a lot of other things. Like fluff! ...

    HAHAHAHAHA! I loved that.

    Bahaha.  I must admit that this was my reaction when I found out that DH got his wheels locked and $140 worth of parking tickets for parking in a 30-minute parking spot on campus for an hour.  I had told him countless times that he needed to be careful, that the campus parking service workers are brutal.  

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  • 30 over is very scary!  Tell him you need him around!

    While we are venting, hehe...hubs was supposed to cancel a service we don't even use that costs $21/month.  I think this was like a YEAR ago, maybe more.  I found out yesterday that he never canceled it.  He told me he *tried*.  Um, are we just going to keep paying $21 forever?!  I think our contract self-renews for a YEAR!  At least mention it, so I can take over (which I have now done)!

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