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Xrays and TTC

Does anyone know any information about getting Xrays while TTC?  Just curious- I got a foot x-ray 2 weeks before ovulating.  I don't think I have much to be worried about, but was just wondering if anyone else has heard differently. 

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Re: Xrays and TTC

  • I wouldn't worry about it.  No radiation near your baby making parts and it was 2 weeks before ovulating.
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  • hmm, interesting thought... i know it's not recommended while pg, but that they can/will still perform them if needed or an emergency.

    I'm actually planning on trying to schedule foot surgery in the next two months since TTC doesn't seem to be going as planned.  I figured if I did get pg I'd cancel the surgery... never thought about the x-rays prior to O (I was going to make sure they were scheduled before the 2WW)... thanks for asking!

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  • your fine. Good luck. your chart looks good so far!
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    Any time you need and xray just ask for shielding. Any xray tech will be more then willing to protect you. I actually had a CT during my 2ww, and thats a ton of radiation compared to plain xray. Trust me on this one, I am a Special Procedures Xray Tech...GL with your foor surgery!

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  • I'm an x-ray tech also, and actually 2 weeks before you O'd is the safest time during your cycle to have an x-ray.  A very low level of radiation is used during a foot x-ray and I would not worry at all about this affecting your chances this month.
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  • I actually had to get x-rays on my wrist last month and it was a couple days before O and I asked the referring doctor AND x-ray techs and they both said no, I would be fine!

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