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Tell me about Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

There was an outbreak at T's daycare and of course today he came home early with a low grade fever, fussy and just not himself.  He had a horrible night of sleeping, so this morning when he was unusually fussy I figured it was because he was tired. 

I know it's too early to tell if he has it and it's a virus, so no treatments, but how horrible is it?  Google says painful mouth blisters.  I am in the process of partial weaning to stop pumping at work and fear this is going to create a nursing strike, which will end BF entirely! 

Re: Tell me about Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

  • When Keira got it just before her 1st birthday it was a nightmare. She never got the blisters but she had a horrid fever for a week solid and was a miserable mess. She didn't sleep worth a crap and was so clingy and just pitiful. It was so sad. :( She was so tired but couldn't sleep and just cried. I really hope this is not the case for you guys. :(
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  • J had it - blisters in his mouth & on hands/feet, but acted just fine (once I gave him Tylenol for the fever). We were home quarantined for about a week, but other than that no big deal.

    Side note...I ended up getting it too! I didn't feel bad, but had the blisters in my mouth and on my hands/feet. Leave it to me to get a kid disease...I always pick up the most random things.

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  • HFM was the worst virus Liam has had!  For us, it was the mouth sores that were so horrible.  The poor child couldn't eat or sleep because of the pain.

    Definitely keep an eye on him, and be checking for the mouth sores.  If he has symptoms, bring him to the pedi b/c they can diagnose easier.  My pedi said to keep Liam pretty constantly medicated on Ibuprofin/Tylenol because of the pain of the sores.

    Liam lived on yogurt, applesauce, and fruit pops that week!  If he gets it, stock up on lots of cold, soothing foods.


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  • Also, one of the first symptoms Liam had was excessive drooling b/c I think swallowing was painful.
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  • I haven't been able to post in a while, but I just came on to ask the exact same thing. There has also been an outbreak at Jack's daycare/in his class, and I think he has come down with it as well - just started showing the symptoms tonight.  Sudden fever, irritable and complaining of sore mouth/throat. Guess the blisters will be next. From what I have read, there isn't really much we can do but let it run its course and give Tylenol/Motrin. I'm guessing he will be home from daycare for a week or so, too.

    Hope your LO doesn't develop any more symptoms and the fever was a false alarm!

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