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Cloth Diapering

What's OTB for bedtime tonight?

Mine just has a triple-stuffed RaR tonight. I need to do some laundry!

Re: What's OTB for bedtime tonight?

  • I think it will be Stormy Clouds TT.

    Right now she's napping in mamamade fitted and a thirsties cover. 

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  • BG 4.0 with 2 AFF
  • Me too- a RaR in owls
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  • Luke's wearing a TT (Man's Best Friend) and a WCW cover. Cal's wearing a BG3.0 AIO with an AFFF hemp insert.
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  • je t'ami TT and a thirsties cover

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    Logan Henry - March 15, 2010 - March 22, 2010. We will always love you sweet baby boy.
  • MegaPMegaP
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    BG double stuffed.  Doing laundry...

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  • Cow print Best Bottom with an overnight insert with a hemp insert on top, plus a fleece liner. Hopefully it holds his pee. I'm doing a soak on all of my other CD's.

  • GM Sock Love with sbish longies
  • Red-edge prefold with hemp insert and fleece liner, and a homemade wool cover.
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  • Babykicks with an extra hemp doubler, and Polar Babies fleece/hemp liner
    DS1 5/2010, DS2 11/2012
  • TT farm life and a WCW soaker 

    Can I just say I totally have the wool love now!

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  • Too early for bed time here but I have a sbish snapless ready to go and probably WCW soaker.
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  • The SO squishable B4 that Yoda was kind enough to sell me, stuffed with an AFFF insert and some Woollybottoms footies. 
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  • GM blue ooga with an organic Flip insert instead of the soaker. MS wool longies on top. Im hoping the soaker is in the dryer with seemingly every other diaper I own. I have no idea how this is going to work out tonight :cry
  • image pixy_stix:

    Right now she's napping in mamamade fitted and a thirsties cover. 

    That's what K has OTB tonight :)

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  • MSO with Hemp Babies doubler and BB pink giraffe cover
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  • Reese is in a bg pocket. Grier is in a mutt fitted and wb soaker, which is still ridiculously big, but I'm tired of pul on her bum.
  • BG 4.0 double stuffed with the normal insert and a Thirsties hemp one.
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  • Goodmama OBV overnight and Sbish longies here.
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  • Owen is in a B4 from blissfullycaf and a WB soaker - this is what he's in every night:)


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  • Final decision was... BSRB and WCW

  • Yellow fuzzi buns with a MF insert + two Thirsties hemp inserts.


    image Lucy, 12/27/2009
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  • Sbish M fitted with snaps in Berry (which is so gorgeous in person), WITHOUT an AFF like last night. I don't know if anybody saw my post but Jen, but her legs were sticking out like the little kid on A Christmas Story in his snowsuit. 

    This was a lucky shot :)
  • Regular Kawaii square tab snaps with 1 MF and 1 hemp Joey bunz
  • It's almost time for her to wake up, but she is wearing sbish snapless with trifolded AFFF in the wetzone and wool soaker from etsy seller threehappytrees

    I love her stuff already have 3 and probably gonna get more simply because I can't resist  lol  :D

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