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Already excited for Mother's Day

We have a wedding in PDX to attend on the 7th so we?re staying the night and visiting the Gorge on Mother?s Day.  DH made brunch reservations here.  One of N?s top Five favorite things right now are waterfalls, so this should be a good day. 

Re: Already excited for Mother's Day

  • I am so jealous! Growing up in Portland my uncles lived out by the gorge and we had many, many Mothers day breakfasts there.  My grandma and sisters b.days are in May so would always do a big family gtg to celebrate it all at once.

    There is also a decent outlet mall out that way.

  • Sounds great.  Enjoy!
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  • We HAVE to have lunch before you go - I've got a great book called Curious Gorge with a ton of falls you guys could visit.

    Remember, this is where we go windsurfing.  I've spent a LOT of time at the Gorge ;)

  • That sounds like an awesome brunch location!  I loved seeing Multnomah and Wahkeena Falls a couple years ago.  I'm going to have to remember this for some future year.  Have a fun day!
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  • That sounds like so much fun! If my MIL didn't live in Portland, I'd tell DH that's the kind of thing I'd want to do too, but I'd be stuck seeing MIL at some point and well, I just don't want to. :-) I think you're going to have a great time! There are so many cool waterfalls along that strip! Take lots of pictures!
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  • Ohhhh VERY nice - I would be excited too :)
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