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How is this fair ?

I am a pharmacist and my 22 year old tech is pregnant with her 4th kid......and she was on birth control ! No one wanted to tell me since they know about my mc but she found out it was a boy today so they finally broke the news . Ugh I'm so bitter :(
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Re: How is this fair ?

  • 22 with a fourth kid??? Wow so sorry you have to deal with that. Hang in there, ((((hugs))))
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  • That is so hard. ((big hugs)) girl!
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  • Holy shiz, that kid is fertile. ugh.

    My heart is as open as the sky.
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  • Oh man, I'm sorry. I know how you xh is an alcoholic who lives with his mom, can't keep a job, and can't pay me child support. His xgf is pregnant with his kid and she also has a kid that lives with her parents because she can't take care of her and she has a criminal record.

    It's just not fair sometimes.


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  • Thanks for the hugs ladies ! I tried to smile and look at the ultrasound pics but inside I wanted to crawl in a hole . I had to leave for a bathroom break to pull myself together .
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  • image1220winterbride:
    Holy shiz, that kid is fertile. ugh.

    This! Sorry you had to deal with this today! *Hugs!*

  • 22. 4 kids. Something is just wrong with this world.
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  • That really stinks!  I can't stand feeling like the only person who has had this issue at my job!  Hugs and prayers...
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  • I'm so sorry.  That is absolutely not fair.  ((Big HUGS))
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    Moment of similarity: my DH is a pharmacist and one of his techs is KU (well, his wife). It's their fourth, and they're 23. ((sigh)) ((hugs)) ETA: wait, I forgot to mention that his department head is in-and-out because they just had their fourth too. Ugh. At least they're nice.
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  • It isn't fair, it just isn't.

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  • {{HUGS}} Sorry, that you have to go through that.

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  • Its tough to be in our situation and not be bitter, you know?
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  • It's not fair at all *hugs* Holy shiz, what is she, a tribble?
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