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Half Birthday

Anyone do anything fun for the LO's half birthday?

I'm not going to make a big deal about it or anything. I was thinking about just getting DS a cupcake for dessert on his 1 1/2 birthday!

Any cute, not over the top, ideas?

Re: Half Birthday

  • Our Stop & Shop makes half-cakes. Literally. We got one of those and had it on her 6-month bday and her 18-month bday. 
  • I didn't even think of that! But it's a cute idea! DD's is on Saturday! Maybe I will make some treats for her!
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  • imageMandJS:
    We didn't do anything when she was 6 months, but starting this year, we are planning to do cupcakes or something similar on the half birthday accompanied with either donating some unused toys to a shelter (that she helps pick out) or performing some other act of charity. Birthdays are all about getting, so I want S to think of her half birthday as a time to give, instead. I know she's probably still going to be too young this year to understand, but maybe not. 

    This is an awesome idea. So consider your idea giving even more! We will be doing the same! 

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