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Need some Snoopy/Peanut birthday help

OK so Nate said he wanted a Snoopy/Charlie brown birthday.  Do you know how hard it is to find anything for this,,,nearly impossible.  There is some left on some sites but you get a plain table cloth, napkis, cups and balloons.  All they give you is plates and goodie bags.  I don't want to spend $36 for all of that. 

 Getting a cookie cake with snoopy (hopefully) because he doesn't like cake.

 There isn't much on etsy either that really interest me.  I did find these CB yellow goodie bags that I can do by myself.  what the heck do I put inside them?

So what about a red table cloth and yellow plates and I know I can find snoopy balloons somewhere (party city maybe).  

 Any other ideas that I could do.  I am not that creative.

If anyone sees anything Easter Snoopy please let me know.  I could use those for some goodie bags.

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