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Putting eyedrops in a 4 year old's eyes...tips?!

my DD has been having horrible allergies.  her eyes swell up every time she steps outside. i just found out about some OTC eye drops that would be good for her, but she's refused them.  anyone have any tips for getting her to let me use the drops on her?  i've told her it will make her feel better but no dice.  she loves taking medicine but when i said i'm going to drop it in her eyes, she freaked out!  TIA!

Re: Putting eyedrops in a 4 year old's eyes...tips?!

  • Do you have to put them in right before you go outside or at a certain time of day?

     If not, I would just do it when she was sleeping.  I used to have to to Abbie's ear drops that way.  Just go in and lift up her eyelid and drop them in.  Even if she wakes up she'll most likely go right back to sleep and won't even remember it.

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  • I haven't had to do that yet so I have no idea.  But see if she will let you put it in the inner corner of her eye, instead of over the whole eye ball if that makes sense.  But don't lay her down, she might feel more comfortable and somewhat in control if she is standing.  You could also try having her hold the dropper as if she's putting it in, but you will guide her to the corner.
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  • The pin down method works for us - but DS is only 2.  Stick out tongue
  • Have her close her eyes and tell her you're going to put it on her eyelid. Put them in the corners. When she opens them the drops will go in. That way she never has to stare up at the bottle and drops right next to her eye.
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  • We have similar issues. Our older son's eyes swell to slits from oak pollen allergies. He's also 4.

    Your reasoning tactics sound like ours. He freaked out. Now, he does it by will.

    We started by holding him down and getting it done and apologizing. He hated that, needless to say. We hated it.

    We reasoned with him that no one wanted to do things this way. I asked if he would try another way that was easier on everyone. Thank god, he agreed after the third attack of the eye drops...

    Better technique: Once he agreed, we started by having him angled toward the t.v. so that when I asked him to look out of the corner of his eye at the t.v., he wouldn't see the drops head on. Now, he has perfected this technique and will look or roll his eyes to the side, I put in a drop, next eye roll, next drop, tell him to blink a lot, give him a napkin.

    If you cannot perfect this technique and you don't have help, your leg can wrap around to hold hands and legs leaving your hands free to drop medicine.That's the way it was "working" before -- it just made everyone hate each other...

    <feel your pain; best of luck> 

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