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I'm so tired of having Nic switch daycares!!

Hey girls, they opened a spot at our first choice of daycare in Lakeland.  He has been going to one for the last month and while we like it ok, it is a little far and I don't like it as much.  This will be his 5 daycare in less than 2 years!!  I hate switching him but the first home provider was taking off too much time, the 2nd closed due to health reasons, the 3rd we moved, the 4th (and current) is not as good as the one we will be switching him to. I feel like a terrible mother for the constant change but the first 3 I had no control and this switch I feel will be for the best.  I know this will not be his last daycare.  We don't think we'll be in lakeland too long maybe 2 years tops so that will be another change.  UGH! I guess I'm just looking for some hugs.  Thanks for letting me vent.


Re: I'm so tired of having Nic switch daycares!!

  • i'm sure its difficult, but it's what's best for him, and i'm sure after a week or so he won't even think of the new place as "new"! 

    don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing what's right for him and that's what's important!

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  • im sure he will be just fine with adjusting since its not the first move hes made between daycares! and dont be hard on yourself for making the decision thats best for your son and your family!!
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  • I'm sorry to hear that N!   These reasons (that you have listed) is the exact reason why I decided to place B in a center vs. home care, because I just wouldn't have the time to research home care centers if problems arose (even though sometimes they may be less $$).  A huge benefit to a great center is the stability! 

    Anyway, I hope the new place will be great for you guys! 

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  • I know it's frustrating to have to switch so much and I hate that it's happening, but remember kids are so resilient. I know it's a bit different since I stay home, but I drop J at so many places during the morning hours (preschool, church, MOPS, two different YMCA's) and he never seems to mind the change in environment.

    It sounds like Nic will be in the best place for him once you make this switch and I'm sure he'll do just great!

  • thanks girls. you guys always make me feel better.
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