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going to the mall...how hard is it

as much as i love to shop I have never taken both kids to the mall by myself.  I want to go to gymoboree and childrens place.  Both stores are kind of cramped.  How hard is it to go to the mall alone?

Re: going to the mall...how hard is it

  • If I go to the Boulevard - I always let Evan run around the play area to get all tired out...then he'll sit in the stroller while I can get some shopping done. I think the Children's Place is doable with a double....but I don't think you could get too far in Gymboree.

    That Crazy 8 store was awesome - because I went in a parked the double in front of the TV in the back and could browse for a lot longer. But now they put these big racks in the center that make it so I don't think the double would fit.

    Could you bring a single and let Ethan walk? Or put Sophia in a wrap/carrier and put Ethan in the stroller?

    But - I usually just go with DH and leave him in the play area with the kids - or just Evan and take Leah in the single stroller.

  • I do it all the time! I have a Sit n Stand, and Chelsea is really good about staying on it when I tell her to. I think that is mostly because she is so used to going shopping with me that she knows what I expect. She loves going to the mall and she knows if she doesn't follow the rules we won't go.

    My one complaint about stores for kids clothing is that they are so cramped! Obviously people with strollers are going to be shopping there and they never make the stores stroller-friendly. I just always keep the stroller in my line of sight and within arm's reach. Molly is strapped in and like I said, Chelsea is great about staying on it. And during the weekdays the mall is much less crowded so there is a lot less to worry about.

    We make a full day of the mall. I pack a lunch, and we go sit in the food court and eat it. We go to any of the stores I want to check out, then we go to the bookstore and read. We'll also do lots of elevator rides, that is Chelsea's favorite part! And sometimes I'll take the girls to the little play area our local mall has...although I feel like they always get sick from it so most times I skip it.

    Go for it! You'll be fine! And I'm sure you will be surprised how quickly the day goes by while you are there!!!

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  • I have tried it, unsuccessfully.  I can barely do the grocery store with both, I would say the mall is a couple knotches harder than the grocery store.  But my kids are not the kind to sit quietly when told.  They are too busy exporing and trying to do what I do.
  • I haven't done it either but I might if I had a double stroller.  I know what you mean though about the stores being cramped.  Gymboree drives me nuts but I love their clothes.  They seriously were not thinking about strollers being in there when the store went in.  Anyways, you could always try it and leave if it's a disaster.

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  • I don't think that Children's Place is so crowded.. even at blvd.. Gymboree is just a tiny store in general.. But don't they have the TV that you could just park the stroller in front of and look around? Its not like you'd ever be far from the kids since the store is so small.. 

    I really think you could do it.. I did blvd mall with my neice and nephew in a double stroller years ago.. sure the stroller is annoying, but its not impossible.  It would be less annoying than trying to navigate a stroller in Carters.. That store makes me crazy.. When we knock stuff off a rack or Eve pulls it off I just leave it on the floor because that is what they deserve for making it so ridiculously cramped.

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