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Following People on Google Reader

How do you find people to follow?  I found Coreen because of her link...but now I'm curious how you find others.

Re: Following People on Google Reader

  • You can search by email address.  Several people are following me, but the only one who shares items with me is my sister, and that's only because I twisted her arm to set up a reader account so that we could stop emailing links for recipes and party ideas back and forth:). 

    I wonder how many people use google reader to follow blogs.  And of the people who do, I wonder how many people know that you can share posts with friends, view posts shared by friends, or star posts for your own reference.  I love looking at the items my sister shares, because they're from blogs I don't follow or have never heard of.  I'm guessing that most of the people who follow me don't know that I have shared posts.

  • I use Google reader but had no idea that you can share it anything you can share or just what's on your google reader? 
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  • I think you can only share posts from the blogs you follow on Google Reader.

    You follow me, right?  If you look on the left hand side, under "people you follow," you can click on me and see all of my shared posts. 

    If you want to share a post with people who follow you, there's an option to do that at the very bottom of each post.  You can even add a comment when you share it.

    There's also an option to "star" a post.  I do that for blog posts I want to refer back to later.  If you star an item, it shows up in your starred items folder.  That way, you don't have to go back through every single blog post to find what you're looking for.

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