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pt day 2-

Well Day 2 of potty training has been very successful so far (fingers crossed to not jinx things). We have had 6 successful trips to the potty (one u could tell he started to dribble in his underwear and stopped and held it) and only 2 accidents so far!! He even pooped on the potty too which made mommy very happy. He gets very excited about earning stickers cuz after a certain amount of stickers he earns a match box car! There have been times where he only goes like 5-10 minutes in between and that is mainly cuz i think he goes on the potty but doesnt stay long enough to get it all out, but i'll take that over pee in the underwear!! I hope things continue like this. I swear this potty training thing is exhausting...and must be for him too cz hes had AWESOME naps the past 2 days!
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Re: pt day 2-

  • That's great! Go Jack!

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  • that is great progress.  Hopefully by tomorrow he is a pro! :)
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  • Great progress! The scary part is going out and about....for both of you :)

    Just put a water proof pad in his car seat, and make sure you have a full change of clothes. Thats great about pooping too but dont be surprised if he regresses on that. AT did. GL to you is exhausting!

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  • yeah i agree that the going out part is what seems like it will be the scariest for sure!!  I need to remember to put something down in his carseat(thanks j&T) and most def. on the full change of clothes!! I'm hopeful the poop things conintues well cuz surprising before potty training he had pooped on the potty more then he had peed, but i know anythign is posible!!
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