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Lately I have been seeing lots of commercials on TV for a lawsuit between pregnant women/new moms of children with birth defects and antidepressant companies. One of the drugs involved is Celexa (citalopram which I was on until about a week after I found out I was pregnant) and one of the birth defects sited is Cleft lip/palate. I was taking citalopram for anxiety and when I found out I was pregnant I took it for about a week and then just didn't feel comfortable taking it anymore so I stopped.

Cleft lip/palate are formed between weeks 4 and 8 and I stopped taking it around week 5. The thing is that DH has 2 cousins that were born with cleft lip/palate and it has been known to be genetic. So my question to you is since I know that there could be a family connection and it not be involved with the drug would you do more research and find a trustworthy attorney and join the lawsuit or would you just leave it alone?

DH thinks maybe we should call but I don't like the idea of calling the 800 numbers and risk them not being legit I want to research it more.

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  • I would research it and see how legit it is. Then I would consider what the negatives might be..... how much work is involved in doing this? what are the legal risks? They might also pass on you since you weren't on the medication 100% of that period.

    But yeah, I would seriously look into it especially since its costly to fix. 

  • I'd learn more.  Honestly, I doubt that little of exposure caused the issue, but I don't know enough to judge.  If I were you I'd do a little research.

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  • Like others said, look into what you can find about the class action lawsuit.  You may not need your own attorney.  I would also talk to your pharmacist to find out how long it is in your system.  While you weren't taking it during the period of development that it affects, it could very well have been in your system in high enough doses to still have caused the problem.  It's worth looking into (IMO), but whether you pursue it depends on the answers to those questions and consideration for how much you have to put into it versus what you will get out of it.
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  • I would certainly look into it more, however, since it is a class action suit, the outcome is usually that the lawyer gets the majority of the money and the rest is divied out to the plaintiffs.  Often times, before the ads start running on TV, the terms have already been set.  You could call and ask the details or maybe find that information online.

    One of my girls has a malformation (club foot) and it is a similar guessing game over "is it genetic?" or "was it environmental?".  Her orthopedic surgeon is 100% sure that it's genetic based on his belief that ALL club foot instances are genetic.  But, I have also been told by other doctors and in online research that it can very well be environmental too since she was squished in my belly.  My point is, I think you can research all day long, and still come up without an answer.   

    Best of luck!

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  • It doesn't Hurt to call. And the class action lawyers will determine of your case fits the class or not. It's unlikely that you would need your own lawyer. In fact to join the class you might need to sign on with them. It seems like that's how it worksin the movies anyway. Id call and see what the deal is.
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