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Business trip moms - How do you do it?????

Yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to go to San Diego in January for a training.  I would be going with about 11 other co-workers with all expenses paid.  The trip is for 5 days.  Honestly, my first thought was "How on earth could I leave Maya for that long?"  I went to my office and broke down in tears while calling DH.

So, I would be crazy to turn down a free trip to San Diego in the dead of winter right?  My boss said in addition to the training she makes sure we have a good time by taking us to winerys and things like that.  

Every time I think of leaving DD that long I cry.  Yes, I'm a very emotional person and cry easily.  I don't know how much fun I would allow myself to have while missing her so much.  I still haven't left her overnight yet.  I know she would be fine here with DH and my mom and sister can help out too.  But I would be a wreck.  And it tears me apart to think that she would be missing me too and wondering where I am.  

So, mom who take business trips like this, how to you cope?  


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Re: Business trip moms - How do you do it?????

  • I had to one out of state for 4 nights when DS was 5 months old. ?It was really difficult, but I also had a full nights sleep for 4 nights in a row.

    ?I can't really give you any advice. ?Just know she will be very happy to see you when you return. ?

    ?Maybe get a picture of you and her for her to keep in her room while you are gone??

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  • That's another thought I had...4 nights of uninterrupted sleep, not having to cook or clean...that all sounds fantastic but not sure if it's worth missing her.  I'm a mess!

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  • I would go.  While it is difficult to be gone, during the day at meeting or trainings won't be any different than when you are at work now.  I am emotional, too, so I would tell my boss and co-workers that it might be difficult to be away from her and that you might need some time to yourself, too.  It will be harder on you than your daughter. 

  • I think you should go.  If you have never left her for even a single night, you don't know what kind of sleep you are missing.  I had to travel for 3 days when DS was 1 and even though I missed him, I was able to sleep in a king sized bed all by myself, eat whatever I wanted, and have some "me" time.  Plus, if your trip isn't until January, you have some time now to squeeze in some extra DD time before the trip. 
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  • As much as you will miss her, I found that it did me a world of good when I went.  My Mom and MIL helped DH a lot and I slept, relaxed a little, made a lot of calls home and came back feeling much more like my old self. 
  • The first time I left DS he was just 4 months old - I was sad, missed him like crazy and couldn't wait to get back. The next time it was a little easier and the third time it was even easier. I think you should go, enjoy and know that it will be hard, so call home often and get updates. My mom was awesome and would email about their day, MH wasn't as communicative! :-) But I think its good for you to have a little time to yourself and Maya will be able to bond with her Dad and Grandma.

  • I think you should go :) It is hard to travel that very first time away from your baby but knowing that she is being looked after by people who love her like her dad and grandma will make it a bit easier.

    My previous job was in the field so i traveled full time ie 5 days a week every week before I had DD. When i came back to work after 3 months maternity leave it was cut down to 3-5 days a well which was still ALOT andthat was very hard so after 3 months of this schedule I was lucky enough to switch jobs. You will be gone for 5 days for a training session and so its not routine travel.

    My best advice would be to go, enjoy the quiet time and full nights sleep plus also the fun times that your company has planned for the trip. It might actually refresh you :) Definitely bring photos and call home when you can as this will make you feel better. My babysitter would send me photos of DD every day and I would call to say good night to DH and to sing to my baby. But i will warn you- that first day away is tough and you'll probably cry at the airport but once that first night is over, it does get easier!

    Good luck :)


  • Ugh, ask me in a week, after I have survived (or haven't, as the case may very well be Sad) my next business trip. I am absolutely dreading it, as Mia is at an age where she loves her mommy and definitely knows when I'm gone. And she's been waking up at night again as of late and it's a really hard thing to deal with alone. And my MIL used to come up to help DH for at least a few days while I was gone, but she recently moved away and so this will be DH's first time flying completely solo.

    How do I cope? Well, I will cry on the first day. That is a given. I'll greatly enjoy eating really yummy free food without having to worry about what Mia will eat, whether she needs help, what she is throwing on the floor, etc. I'll have fun hanging out with my teammates and networking (something I couldn't do on my last trip, because I brought Mia along and so I had to go back to her every night). And hopefully, with me out of the picture, she'll bond with DH in a way that she can't when I'm around.

    Worse comes to worse, I'll be away for four nights. What's the worst that can happen? Smile

    So I'll side with the pp's and say GO! If you're totally miserable, well then you will have learned not to do trips in the future! But I bet it won't be as bad as you think. It never is for me.

    Mommy to DD1 (June 2007), DS (January 2010), DD2 (July 2012), and The Next One (EDD 3/31/2015)

  • It's hard when I have to go out of town but having my mom help DH was a big relief.  I call my mom several times a day (since mom is here, DD doesn't go to daycare that week) to check in and see how she is doing.  I also keep a pic of her in my name badge and look at it constantly.

     I'm usually so busy that it helps keeps me focused.  It is harder in the evening because there is more downtime but I have to admit that having time to myself is nice. I still miss her like crazy but I come home a little refreshed.

    I also constantly remind myself that with every conference/trip, I'm putting myself in a better position at work. I either know more, have made more contacts, etc.  It's a way to help my career which helps me translate that being able to better care/provide for DD in the future.

     I say go and enjoy yourself!

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  • It is hard but I look at it as an opportunity to recharge my batteries, sleep uninterrupted, enjoy some adult going out time and oh yeah - bettering my career.  Is the training for the all 5 days or could you maybe take a really early or late flight to reduce the time away?
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