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Recommend mom/baby class or group (8m old)

I'm looking for some of those classes that moms/babies go to.  Preferrably free, but whatevs :)

Re: Recommend mom/baby class or group (8m old)

  • A couple suggestions:

    1.) ... you might find a group that meets your desires... A lot of them do get togethers fairly often.

    2.) Library Story time... this is the link to events at Fulton County Libraries. You can search for what county/area you are in.

    3.) We really enjoy Gymboree Classes. They do cost though...  You can try a class for free though to see if it is for you guys!

    I am sure some others will have more ideas on here! 



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  • Gyboree

    I did it with both my boys.  Ridge started at 3 months and Colton 6 months.  It was fabulous.

    You can also do The Music Class.  They loved it at that age.

    When they get a little older there are more things to do.

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  • A girl I went to highschool recently opened up a really neat kids place in Buckhead.  I haven't been yet but am planning to in the next few weeks.  They have free-play time (which is $8, free for babies under 10mos) as well as classes.  

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  • I found a moms group on Meetup that is in my area.  We also liked Gymboree.  It was a little pricey but it was nice to learn some developmental games and songs for DS.
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