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Zooper Twist?

Does anyone have this stroller?  Love it?  Hate it?  I can get it on totsy right now for $70 (with my credits) so I'm debating.  I have a jogging stroller but I want an umbrella type to leave in the car.

Re: Zooper Twist?

  • I don't have one but looks really nice. A quick check on amazon shows great reviews. It also looks like w/ the credits you have would be a great deal. 
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  • Holy crap you have a lot of credits!  Well done!  And  I'm pretty sure you referred me too, so someday when I (finally) make my first Totsy purchase you'll get another one. :)
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  • Yeah Michelle I had $65 in credits!!  I really never get on there much anymore so I had NO clue until a couple days ago.  Always a nice surprise though!
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