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Our revised plan, moving foward (a ? in there, too)

This month we are going to get pregnant by doing the baseline my gut says we need, just DHEA, baby aspirin, chinese herbs, and acupuncture, with the occasional supplmentation of random foods like wheatgrass, pomegranate juice, and maybe some pineapple (core included) for implantation.

It will be a gameday decision, but we are probably going to finish up my hCG from the fridge, rather than just tossing it, since it's paid for and will expire if I don't use it.

No HSG this month, no femara, no hCG trigger shot, no dates with the dildo-cam, just lots of sex. Not even gonna call it TI (though I will have to check for a surge so I can take the hCG).

The question:  Assuming a healthy guy, who for his last SA (where we lost some) still had 120 million swimmers (most recently with the IUI, 19.5M after cleaning) with motility right where they want to see it, but borderline (but on the right side of borderline) morphology issues, how often do we do it?  Just every evening? Every other?


If by some chance it doesn't work this month, we will add the HSG next month.  But no hCG shots. And if that doesn't work, we will go full throttle again, do an IUI during my May cycle, adding in injectables to the femara for a last-ditch effort. But these won't be necessary, because we are going to be pg this month.

Universe, have you heard me?

The joy of his first LC cupcake!


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Re: Our revised plan, moving foward (a ? in there, too)

  • I love this plan and I love the positive energy.  I am sending it out to the Universe for you too...you will get your BFP this month xoxo
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  • This sounds like a good plan. Ive heard every other day for sex. Hopefully next month more of us get a Bfp.
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  • Love your new revised plan!  Hope you get your BFP this cycle.  Sending you tons of positive vibes.
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  • So glad to see your positive outlook, I am praying and pulling for you this month!!!
  • That definitely sounds like a winning plan!  Universe, listen up!


    My doc said to only do it every other day so that his *best* swimmers can refill.  That being said, we didn't listen for our first time TTC and got pregnant immediately.  This time we're listening to him just because I don't want to take chances.   Good luck getting busy!

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  • JMayJMay member
    Beautiful, positive, energy filled plan!  I love it!  As far as how often, instead of "thinking about it" in terms of every day/eod, etc, can you just go for it when you're in the mood?  Assuming the mood is (hopefully) fairly frequently?  If not, I'd vote for every other day!  This is the one!  Big Smile
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