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Any Day Now and I...

Won't be able to see my "box"...... Sad and I still have 9 weeks to go.  DH may have a new job soon - shaving me!! Indifferent
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Re: Any Day Now and I...

  • Hehe.. I already have this problem. Ultimately, I don't really care, honestly--I figure the Dr's have seen worse!. But I happened to catch a glimpse in the mirror, and determined that me, the razor, and a mirror might need to make a last ditch effort at some grooming this weekend.

    Edited to add: While I know he would if I asked him to, I will not be asking DH to assist with that "upkeep!" He doesn't care.. Hell, he's barely seeing it anyway. Smile

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  • After my shaving post the other week, I got the pleasure of telling DH that other girls have to have their DH shave their box - he was laughing.  This is something that I am not looking forward to!  =)
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  • I gave up around that time.  I figured I couldn't see it, DH didn't care and it's not the dr's job to have an opinion about whether I should be shaved or look like a natural woman.
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  • I've already warned DH (and I think some of his buddies have too) that there will come a time where if he still wants a nicely manicured lawn that he'll be doing the trimming!
  • I made an effort about 2 weeks ago to take care of it myself using a mirror, but I can tell I just didn't do a very good job. DH will have to take care of that soon because it drives me insane. Even though I can't see it just the thought of it is enough. DH laughed when I told him he was doing it the next time but I'm sure he won't care.
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