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April fools pranks?

I need some good ideas for tricks to play on Ben and for tricks we can do together to trick steve. Family fun had some good food pranks. One where you put food coloring in their cereal bowl so that the milk turns a color and one where you make a fake grilled cheese sandwich out of pound cake and orange frosting. But I'm trying to think up some non food ones too.

Re: April fools pranks?

  • I remember one year my coworker had a message with the woodland park zoos phone number on it and the name he asked for was Mr Bear or Mr Fox!!!
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  • A few years back, my DH unscrewed the shower head at work and put a beef boullion cube inside.  I thought that was hilarious:). 

    This is a food one, but I thought it was really cute:


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  • I totally forgot Friday was April 1st! Thanks for the reminder.. I should find something to trick Andy .. hmm .
  • One year DH and my niece put a rubber band over the handle of the spray attachment on the kitchen sink, so when my mom turned on the sink she got hosed.  Buahahhaha.  She made them both clean it up.
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  • My dad put circles of cardboard in our pancakes one year and then laughed his a$$ off at us trying to cut through them...
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