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excessive eye boogers

DD had a cold last week with a fever that lasted a few days (gone now) but now she's got a runny nose thats been with us almost a week now. And in addition to that now she has this eye booger thing thats been going on for about 2 days. The whites of her eyes are white but her eyes do look a little puffy, she's not rubbing them or anything. I don't know whats going on, I can't call the Dr until tomorrow so I jsut wanted to know if anyone else has encountered this issue.

Re: excessive eye boogers

  • Are the eye boogers yellow-greenish? If so she might have pink eye.
  • I took DS to the Dr for excessive eye boogers last week...it was pink eye. sigh.
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  • they are yellow greenish. Isn't pink eye usually really itchy though and doesn't it make the white of your eyes red? She never rubs her eyes.

  • I know for my DS, at first, it just started with the boogers, and we went in the next morning. There was no redness then. But later that day, and into the next day is when the redness started. It wasn't really severe either. He did do alot of eye rubbing, though. They were itchy. Maybe it's in the very early stages?
  • Fab. We're out of town so I guess we will hit the walk in clinic tomorrow.
  • can you get some chamomille drops. it might help a bit
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    I took DS to the Dr for excessive eye boogers last week...it was pink eye. sigh.

    Same here. DS did not have eyes that were pink, just a bit puffy and only a bit gooey, but it was pink eye. It cleared up really quickly with the meds.


    Also we didnt' ahve to go to the doc, just called and explained the situation and they phoned in a script. 

  • Oh! Thanks so much!!! I sooo was not looking foward to dragging both babies with me to the walk in clinic tomorrow morning! Maybe ours will call one in too
  • Goopy eyes often mean something is going on with the ears. Has LO been tugging or changing sleep patterns. I would have the ears looked at too
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