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Raleigh Church Daycares?

Any suggestions on a church in Raleigh that has a full-time daycare? We're still looking for a center for DS and I'm hoping that we can find a church school that may be cheaper. TIA!
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Re: Raleigh Church Daycares?

  • I know a couple of the churches downtown have them, but they are quite $$$.  I can give you the info of Brooke's daycare, if you like.  Its a Christian daycare, located off Spring Forest Road.  She's been there since she was 5 months old, and we've been very happy!  They are wonderful.  My nephew (who is now 11) also went there for 5 years so we had prior knowledge of them too. 
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  • I know there is someplace in Heritage in WF that is cheaper, but I think that is too far from you. It is Rising Star Christian Academy, I think they were less than others I had looked into.



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  • Beacon Baptist on Traewick road has a daycare
  • Temple Baptist on Clifton (they're the cheapest). 

    Highland Methodist on Ridge Road.

    North Haven Church on Six Forks.

  • PS I think basically everything is around the same price from what I saw when I was looking at an infant.  Like a base "average" price on up to more expensive.
  • There is actually an open house tonight for the church on Hwy 70 at Timber. I think it's Baptist, but I can't be certain. I'm half entertaining the idea of going even though Gummi Bear stays home with her dad. It might be a good one day a week option, I don't know.
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