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This place is dead. Brag on Your Kid

I've posted this before and really loved reading everyone's "brags" so have at it.  This is the official "brag on your kid" post.
My big boy is bounding towards 4! Baby brother coming in October!
Hipster dog is not impressed.

Re: This place is dead. Brag on Your Kid

  • I will! I will!


    My kid is freaking awesome. He is so inquisitive, argumentative, creative, and funny. I just love being around him. He taught himself how to pee standing up just by watching his older cousin do it once. LOL. Now he thinks he's "big man on campus." He makes up songs about whatever it is that is on his mind and sings without reservation. I love it. He tries to negotiate every little thing with me. Definitely taking after his momma!

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  • Cooper is quite possibly the smartest kid EVER.  Wink  No really.  He's talking more and more now and I love it.  At dinner the other night he held up each thing on his tray until I said the name of it (corn, peas, chicken etc) and went through them over and over trying to repeat the words after me.   He only has about 10-12 words I can understand right now but he uses a lot of signs too and I just love being able to communicate more with him. 

    Let's see what else?  He is still utterly fearless and incredibly good natured.  And this week he is learning to jump, which he mostly likes to practice on the couch.  LOL  We should probably not allow that but he's so stinking cute that we filmed it instead of stopping him.  Big Smile

    My big boy is bounding towards 4! Baby brother coming in October!
    Hipster dog is not impressed.
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  • DS is starting to put sentences together!  It's so amazing.  On Monday night, we read a new book (which he actually sat through the whole 15 pages of!), and he got down off my lap to put it back on the bookshelf and said "I like this book".  lol.  It was so adorable and it floored me that it was more than just a two word combo.

    Also, I just want to eat him up all of the time!  I keep waiting for me to be more annoyed with him than entertained, but it hasn't happened, yet. (isn't that during the 3 y/o stage?  :-/  lol)

  • Collin is the sweetest baby ever, all that child does is smile.  He can sit up and push himself up on all  fours already.  He's scooting around when he wants to get somewhere but I really hope he's not an early crawler.

    Abbie is the best big sister ever and such a sweet kid all around.  She is so smart and so good at math and spelling especially.  I'm so glad we put her in school early.  She can also ride her bike for 5 miles with Daddy and made a goal in soccer this week and didn't let a single ball past her when she was goalie.

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  • Cooper's new word is "alright" which is officially the cutest thing ever because he says it in this laidback voice.  He also loves being outside and blowing bubbles.  He'll walk around saying "buh-buuh" over and over again. 

    He will point his finger to his palm when he wants to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and clasp his hands when he wants to sing Little Baby Bumblebee.  Both are cute!

    He LOVES Mickey Mouse.  Well, the first song - he loves to dance to it and we realized this weekend his crazy dancing is a copy of they way they dance on MMC.

    I'm quicly realizing how fast he picks up on things.  We played a video game last week that plugs into the front of the TV once.  He found the game Monday, pulled the cord to the TV, flipped open the controls and tried to plug it in and then walked back to the controller and sat down waiting on the game to come on.  After seeing us do it once!

    Oh, and he can open the doors in the house.  Good grief.

  • Cason is just the happiest baby -- almost little boy.  He's about to turn ONE!  AHH.  He smiles and laughs all the time. My favorite thing is to watch him eat.  He is very serious about it, picking up the smallest little piece of food and proudly putting it in his mouth.  He's also really getting the hang of the straw cup and I'm thrilled(on my last can of formula and then its milk in cups... no more bottles)

    He is very curious and into everything.  He has two favorite drawers in the kitchen and loves to pull everything out of them.

    This has just been the most fun year and I'm so excited to see whats next! 

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  • I love this post and hearing what all the kiddos are up to. 

    We had Gideon's 4th birthday party at the Children's Museum this past weekend and I am happy to say that he seems to be a lot less shy. He fully enjoyed himself, and having his friends there.  There wasn't any hint of social anxiety that plagues this family so I was so excited to see how much he has come out of his shell.

    Oh and when he's being good like today at the zoo, he,'ll say.  "I'm a good listener, I"m being good.  That's cause I'm 4 now"  

    Eden is dancing fool.  Whenever any of the theme songs from Imagination Movers or Jake  the Pirate (?) comes on she stops whatever she's doing, looks over at us and starts bouncing around and twirling.  I have no idea who taught her to twirl, but it's so cute.  She's also hitting the xylophone with the little stick, it's not just for chewing on any


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  • I love this post too!

    Evan is such a little sweetpea! He is  walking really well now and has decided that it is time to learn to run. He also is "talking" non-stop. He can say about 9 words that we can understand. His favorite word is still "car." We bought him some car jammies and when we pointed them out he got so excited. It was adorable to watch.

    Oh, and he had cake on his birthday and then again a week later at his party and he picked that word up immediately. It is so cute to watch him look up at us and ask for cake. He even puts the right inflection in his voice. I just have to remind DH that just because it is cute doesn't mean that we give him some.

    His latest accomplishment is that he will eat fruit and veggies from the Plum Organics pouch. He doesn't want anyone to come near him with a spoon, but he isn't down with the actual fresh/steamed veggies yet, so I give him the pouch and let him go to town.

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  • I don't know how much you can brag about a 4 month old ;-)


    25.5 in height(91%)

    17.4 lbs for weight(98.5%)

    She also has hit some of the markers that are for 6month olds!!!

    I wouldn't be surprised if she skipped crawling. The girl loves nothing more than to stand up and look at everything!

  • I seriously have the best sleeper ever (Watch I say that she is going to wake up 10 times tonight). She sleeps 12 hours and takes 2 -3 2 hour naps a day. How could that get any better? She is so easy to put down. I just read her a book and she plays in her crib and its ready for sleep.

    She is also so happy (except when Kelley wants to take her pictures). As long as it isn't nap time (she loves her sleep like me) she is ready to play, jump, squeal, smile or laugh. 

    I love to watch her eat her little mum mums. She will take it and bite into it with her two little teeth and just go at it.

    I seriously have no idea how I got blessed with such a happy baby. The only problem we have is when she wants to sleep she WANTS to sleep so doing things on the go are a little more difficult but we are working on getting her to sleep in her stroller. 

     She's so much fun. I know the first 6 weeks were very rough for us with her reflux and not sleeping but she seriously is such a wonderful kid.

  • DD is 7 months old and it's just incredible to me how much she is changing & learning!  She is sitting up SO well, makes the sweetest sounds, and has two little bottom teeth. :-)  She eats like a champ and is a good sleeper - AND she's becoming a better napper!  She used to cat nap for 10-15 minutes at a time, so this is a welcomed change. :-)

    She's such a sweet, happy, giggly baby, too.  She is just a joy and this is such a fun adventure so far!

  • Not really a brag but... When Micah says "Four" it comes out like "wh0re".

     And I giggle every time.  Because I'm mature.

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  • A couple of weeks ago she started going up to kids wherever we are, takes their hand and says "hi! Nice to meet you. I'm chia (Lucia) and this is mama". I think it's so funny that she introduces me too. It's so amazing how they just pick everything up so fast!! I wish I could brag on how well she sleeps..:(
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