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Any Last Minute Disney Trips

Adam and I are going to Disney next week (yes I'm taking my 20 month old and my 30 week pregnant self to Disney, I have lost my mind) with some of my family.  Any last minute tips?  I'm pretty much prepared to just go each morning for a few hours and call it a day.  I have lots of snacks and a cooler bag and then Adam's small backpack for change of clothes, sunscreen, etc.  I also bought a child harness for standing in lines at the ride.  Adam is prone to just take off and hates holding my hand, so I'm hoping this might at least make it possible for us to make it through maybe 1 or 2 rides a day.  We are staying at the carribean beach resort and I think he will probably have more fun at the playgrounds and playing in the sand more than anything esle.  Can you think of anything important that I'm missing?  Anything that you really wished you would have known?


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Re: Any Last Minute Disney Trips

  • Take an extra set of clothes in a ziploc bag for him.  There are splashers throughout the parks that Gavin LOVES to play in and will get totally drenched.  This way, he can wear himself out playing in the splashers while I sit and rest.  Then I put on his warm dry clothes and he passes out in the stroller :-)  Sounds like you are going with the right state of mind- take your time and just enjoy each moment instead of trying to fit everything in.  Just be careful not to get too swept away in all the fun and miss your body's cues that you need to stop and rest.  We took Sophie at 8 weeks post c/s.  I thought I was fine but after about 2 days, I was really feeling the pain and knew I had overdone it.  So learn from my mistakes!!!






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  • They've taken out all the play areas at Magic Kingdom which stinks at Adams age.  We went over to the Tom Sawyer Island and both boys ran around for a long time.  Just bring water and snacks as there is nothing over there to eat.

    Colton was 18-months when we was really hard.  All he wanted to do was run and get down and it was too crowded.  

    Wear really comfy shoes, bring lots of water and take lots of breaks.  

    Have fun!

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  • it's been raining the past couple of days in FL-- I would bring a garbage bag just to put over your stroller in case you are inside when it rains  (this burned us a few times).

    Definitely try to get there as early as possible when Disney opens.  It will be better for you heat-wise and it won't be as busy. Oh and hit Dumbo first--it gets crazy busy the quickest.

  • Try your best to get to the parks about 30 minutes before they open. If you are some of the first people into the park, you can accomplish so much more and then be ready to leave for Adam's nap time. We rode all the rides in Fantasyland (Dumbo,Winnie the Pooh, Carousel, etc...) in about 30-45 minutes just by getting there early. I take granola bars and Nutrigrain bars with us and we eat breakfast while waiting for the park to open.

    If he wants to meet Mickey and the other main characters, get to Epcot early and go straight to the character meet/greet section. We walked straight in, no line and got to have good time with all of them. 

    Owen is obsessed with the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom since we went in October. If you think Adam will like fireworks, its worth staying up for one night. I hope you have a great trip!

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