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Anyone dressing up?


I have my Cruella DeVille costume on and am ready to win our costume contest at work!! ;)?


  • Happy Halloween! Make sure ?u post some pics. Hope u win the contest.

    Queenie, I meant to page u and say u look fabulous! All your hard work is paying off. I can see the difference on ur photos.?

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  • Aww, thanks, Donna!!


    I hope you guys have a great time celebrating William's special day!! I can't believe he's one already!!?

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  • Happy Halloween!!!!

    Please post pics....hope you win!!!! 

  • Post a pic of your costume! Happy Halloween!
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  • Happy halloween!  and hell yes I'm dressing up!  We have a family costume and I can't freaking wait for us all to have them on!!!!  Unfortunately I cannot wear mine to work today and neither can Todd, but Finn has his on for school and we'll be putting ours on as soon as we get home!  I freaking love Halloween!!!
  • My costume is "Tired Mom" replete with house slippers, pajama pants, cockeyed hair, and spit-up on t-shirt. :)
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  • kepkep member
    Happy Halloween!! Yes, post a pic. I'm not dressing up this morning, but I will probably wear my skeleton shirt tonight--complete with the flickering light over my boob. Real niiiiiice?
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  • Ditto Queenie.  You look awesome.  I can't wait to see pics of your costume.
  • we are not.  bleh. 

    also wanted to add how great you look!  congrats julia :)

  • Happy Halloween everyone!!  Ethan wore chinese pajamas (dh bought them in Shanghai) to daycare today.  He looked so cute.  He was the ONLY kid in his class to dress up today. 

    He's suppose to be a skeleton tonight, but we also have a pirate costume so it's pretty much a toss up with what we will decide he'll wear.

    Tomorrow night dh and I are going to a Halloween party in our subdivision.  We are dressing up as a redneck couple who just had a shotgun wedding.  The outfit will be complete with dh wearing a mullet, me wearing my veil, both of us having matching "love" tattoos, and I'll be carrying a toy shotgun.

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