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A really, really stupid bedding question

When O moves in to the guest room, the bed in there just has a white down comforter and plain sheets.  DH wanted to get him baseball or sports bedding and decorate the room in that theme, but I kind of want to keep it simple so it can grow with him.  I love the stripes and plaids on PBK and Land of Nod, but found this quilt on Walmart.com (for much less Stick out tongue):


Now here is my dumb question.  How warm is a quilt?  I mean, is that something that could be used in the summer/warmer months and then on top of the comforter in the winter?  Or would we be better off getting a duvet for the comforter?  I just think white comforter + toddler = disaster. 

Re: A really, really stupid bedding question

  • i wouldnt want to do a down comforter for a young toddler in my opinion esp. with potty training ahead of you and having to possibly wash frequently and a quilt would prolly hold up to that better. that being said i havent ever used a quilt like that but id think with a sheet and even a fleece blanket it would be fine. DS this winter had his sheet a small blanket/quilt (prolly thinner then what u posted) and he'd have his blankets in there too. u can also check jcpenny for cute quilts.
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  • I grew up with just a quilt or light coverlet on my bed. I didn't have a comforter until college. I always found them perfectly cozy, though I've always been kind of hot natured. In the winter, I'd just put a thermal blanket underneath for more warmth.

    I agree with akspriss that I'd personally not want to deal with a down comforter (especially if it's not machine washable), with a toddler. Like she said, with PTing, you'll be washing covers often due to accidents. Plus, I'd hate to have to deal with trying to keep one clean and white, or dealing with a duvet cover every time I needed to wash it.


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  • I think a quilt will be fine, and in the winter you can just add a blanket if you need to.  Eli is so hot natured I'm sure it would work for him.  We're also in the process of picking out bedding for his new room and most of the sets I'm looking at are quilts. 

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  • I agree with everyone else that a quilt will be just fine. That's what we have on our bed and what I have in our guest room (ready for J when/if the need ever arises). I add a blanket in the winter, otherwise it's perfect.
  • Nate has a PBK quilt on his bed, and we have a thermal blanket underneath it for extra warmth.  It's nice and cozy.  :)
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