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Hello :)

Hey everyone!  Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes.  Things are going ok here.  I'm doing much better then I expected of myself.  I'm up walking around and even going to the bathroom by myself.  By this point after my section with the girls I hadn't even been allowed out of bed yet. 

Jeremiah is still in the special care nursery.  (Level 2 - between the normal nursery and the NICU....this hospital doesn't have anything higher then a level 2).  I'm waiting now for the neonatologist  to come and talk to me, but from what I've been told is that he's improving, but they still don't know whats causing the breathing issues.  So far all the tests for any infections have been negative, so thats great news!!  They think it might respiratory distress or wet lung syndrome.  If its respiratory distress he could have to stay in the special care nursery at least 3-4 more days.  If its wet lung syndrome, the it usually clears up within 24-48 hours after birth.  Apparently white males are more likely to have breathing issues, as are large babies.  Jeremiah was 9 pounds, so he falls under both of those categories.  We're hoping and praying that it is wet lung syndrome, and that it will clear up soon and he can be released to be with us.  He looks like such a giant in that nursery next to babies that are 2, 3, 4 pounds.  They have just now allowed him to start eating, but they're not letting me put him to the breast yet (in fact I still can't even just hold him) but I'm pumping and hopefully my milk will come in soon so that he can get some of that.

I hope all is well for all of you.  Take care!


Re: Hello :)

  • Congratulations! Jeremiah is beautiful. What a big boy!

    I hope they get to the bottom of his breathing issues, and that he's released to mom and dad very soon!!!


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  • Aw, so good to hear from you!  I am glad you are doing so well and hopefully Jeremiah will be breathing perfectly soon! 
    My sweet boy :)
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  • You had him on Camryn's birthday!  Glad he is finally here and I hope they figure out the breathing stuff real soon! 

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    My Sweet Girls

  • Congrats Jones!! We are thinking of you and praying for little Jeremiah!
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  • Congrats!! He's precious! He's in my thoughts!! Keep us updated!!
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  • MrsJones - I am thrilled for you and your family!!!!!! Jeremiah is beautiful!!!! Congrats! .... he will be just fine I am sure. :)
  • Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!  I hope he is feeling better soon & I'm glad you are doing so well!
  • It's good to hear from you!  I'm glad you're recovering so well.  I'll continue to pray for baby Jeremiah, I know how scary it is!  Hopefully it is just wet lung syndrome and he can go home soon.  But that's great news it's not an infection.  I remember in the NICU they talked about "white boy syndrome", which was basically that they developed and matured slower than other babies.  Funny, but true!

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  • Congrats MrsJones!
  • Congrats again and hope he gets better ASAP so you can snuggle with him!  =)
  • Congratulations on your handsome baby boy! Get well vibes fer the little man and hope your recovery continues to go well. How are the girls handling everything?

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  • I'm so excited he's here! :) Good to hear from you, Jonesie!
  • He is gorgeous and I am glad that you are doing so well. We hope that you all come home very soon!
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  • Congrats again! Hang in there -- He's going to get better better soon!  Hugs and prayers.
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  • That must be tough to not do all the normal newborn things right away, but hopefully things will clear up soon and you can catch up on lost time! He looks adorable, congrats!
  • Congratulations on your handsome little man!  I hope they figure out what's wrong with him so he can come home soon. 

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  • Mrs. Jones glad you are doing so well. We will continue to keep Jeremiah in our prayers. Hopefully it is wet lung syndrome and will start to clear up soon. My sister who is a newborn nursery nurse calls it white males ..wimpy white males.  For some reason or another they have a harder time adjusting to the outside world. Hang in there!
  • Congratulations on Jeremiah!  I hope he's out of the NICU soon!
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  • I had no idea you gave birth -- I've missed so much! Congratulations on the arrival of Jeremiah, and I hope he's out of the special care nursery soon!
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