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I'm a weight obsessed mommy

Since LO was so little when he was born, I've been obsessed with his weight. We went to the pedi today and he looked at LO's chart and said "he was x weight at his two month visit--is he around 10 lbs now?" we had weighed him a couple of days ago and he was 10.5 pounds and I told the doctor that. He said that would be a high rate of growth so maybe our scale was off, and they weighed him --10 lbs 11 oz! I felt very vindicated :-) The pedi said that there is no doubt that he's thriving! I was proud of my boobs--I still feel residual guilt about the GD, PIH and his early arrival, so it's so nice to know that my body is doing something right.
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Re: I'm a weight obsessed mommy

  • good job!

    and you can't control your body


  • Totally understand your weight obsession (and the underlying guilt). It wasn't until his 18-month appointment a few days ago that I finally felt like I could relax about J's weight.

    It sounds like your LO is doing great!  He's going to be a little chunker in no time.

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  • you should feel proud, he's less than a pound lighter than Hannah and she's 3 weeks older! :)
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  • Yay, good for you!  DD #2 is 18+ lbs at 6 months old and I joke sometimes that I must be making milkshakes.  Sounds like you are too!

  • It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right, not just your boobs! I'm so glad he's healthy and doing well. That must be a big relief.
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  • You should feel fantastic!  At DD's two month appointment she was only 9 lbs. :-)

     I understand the weight obsession.  I still kind of obsess over DS's, and he will be 3 in a month.

  • Yay!!  He's going to be a bruiser! 
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