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BRU return policy?

Are they nazis like Target is? My shower is this weekend, and as an admitted registry stalker, I've noticed that I've gotten some duplicates (2 PNP's), and some stuff I've decided I just don't want anymore (or would rather exchange for other stuff that I'll need first).. Hopefully people will give gift receipts, but what's their policy if you don't have a receipt at all, and just want to exchange for somethinng else? Just wondering...

My other registry is at Target, and I know how they are after our bridal registry.. Fun...


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Re: BRU return policy?

  • When I returned something from my registry I got a gift card w/ a store credit and that was with no receipt.
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  • BRU has become really strict on their returns. I think you can't unless you have a receipt, but it may be different if they can see it on your registry. I hate that everywhere is getting so strict - people don't always give gift receipts!!

     Have fun at your shower this weekend...what a wonderful time!!

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  • I've heard that they'll let you return it without a receipt if it's on your registry.  I haven't had to do it at BRU, but I did do it at Target.

    If you get something you don't need that wasn't on your registry, you can add it after the fact and then mark it as purchased.  I did that at Target, and it wasn't a problem.

  • I just registered at BRU a few weekends ago and they told me all retuens had to have a gift reciept--which is STUPID considering most people don't include on. Maybe they will give you store credit?
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  • I think it sometimes varies from store to store. But I've recently returned a couple things from my registry to the Southpoint store, and they gave me store credit. If it's not on your registry and you don't have a receipt, you're out of luck...but that's the way most stores are now I think. They definitely aren't super crazy like Target :).
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